• A & I Products Back Cushion, Thick, Steel, GRY FABRIC Replacement for Case-IH Part Number 570S9F

    PART NO. A-570S9F. Back Cushion, Thick, Steel, GRY FABRIC. This is a brand new gray fabric thick back cushion with steel back and fits multiple Case-IH and Massey Ferguson models. Case-IH COMBINE: 1420,Case-IH COMBINE: 1440,Case-IH COMBINE: 1460,Case-IH COMBINE: 1480,Case-IH TRACTOR: HYDRO 186,Case-IH TRACTOR: 1086,Case-IH TRACTOR: 1486,Case-IH TRACTOR: 1586,Case-IH TRACTOR: 1896,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2090,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2094,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2096,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2290,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2294,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2296,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2390,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2394,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2590,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2594,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2670,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2870,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3388,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3394,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3488,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3588,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3788,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4186,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4366,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4386,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4490,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4494,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4568,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4586,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4690,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4694,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4786,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4890 (STD),Case-IH TRACTOR: 4894,Case-IH TRACTOR: 886,Case-IH TRACTOR: 986,Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 1085,Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 1105,Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 1135,Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 1155 (LATE)



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