• 15' X 1" Standard Cambuckle Blue Webbing Hooks Part No: A-B1409690

    PART NO. A-B1409690. 15' X 1" Standard Cambuckle, Blue Webbing, Hooks. Dim A (1) Ease Of Operation For Motorcycle & ATV Owners Dim B (2) Simple Tensioning With One Finger Release Dim C (3) Coated Hooks, Nylon & Polyester Webbing, Engineered Stitching, Sewn Hand Holds, Zinc Or Nickle Plating Designed To Work And Play Hard Dim D (4) ME Series Increases Tensioning Power 2 To 1 With Innovative Engineering Dim E (5) Break Strength: 900 Lbs. Dim F (6) Working Load Limit: 300 Lbs.. MODELS: (Miscellaneous) (Undefined): SEVERAL



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