• 15' Curved Blade Saw Tri-Edge Part No: A-B1AB17

    PART NO. A-B1AB17. 15' CURVED BLADE SAW TRI-EDGE,. Fanno Saw Works is a family-owned and operated business, and has been for over 75 years. Their focus on quality and innovation has taken the Fanno name from the fields of California to one of the most recognized in the industry today. Each saw is designed for a specific need, with the professional in mind. Fanno saws are manufactured from the finest materials and with the best available technology. � 15" cutting edge, 5.5 points per inch with Tri-Edge teeth special formula extra heavy gauge saw steel. Contoured laminated hardwood handle 6 teeth per inch Length 15" Teeth 6 teeth per inch Type Hand Saw. MODELS: (Miscellaneous) (Undefined): SEVERAL



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